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About Us

We’re so glad you came to our careers page! We have so many fulfilling job opportunities and would love to have you join our team. Since 1981, MTC has been helping tens of thousands of at-risk and underserved men and women gain the education, job skills, and life skills needed to have a successful future. We do this in these primary areas:

Job Corps

Through the Department of Labor’s Job Corps program, we help 16-24-year old men and women earn their high school diploma or equivalency (if needed) and begin a new career path which could include healthcare, construction, technology, business, logistics, and so much more. But job skills are just one aspect of the program. In most cases, students live on campus where they learn critical life skills and how to be an excellent employee. We’re always looking for mentors for these young people. Come be a residential advisor, security staff, instructor, or other key role model in the lives of our students.


We can’t give up on the thousands of people who find themselves in prison. There is hope. We’ve been helping incarcerated men and women deal with the challenges they face in prison by giving them the tools they need to succeed in life after they’re released. Our unique approach provides for safety and security while helping people realize they can change. Come and work in criminal justice as an officer, substance abuse counselor, instructor, or other key staff where we make a social impact every day.

Immigrant Processing

Thousands of unauthorized immigrants come to the United States each year in search of a better life. These men and women are temporarily held in Immigration & Customs Enforcement facilities until their legal proceedings are complete. We operate some of these facilities where we provide adult men and women with a clean and comfortable living environment where they are treated with respect and dignity and provided with healthy meals, recreation, legal resources, and other services. We need compassionate officers, recreation specialists, food service staff, and other team members to help us provide the best service possible.


We have a team of medical professionals who provide medical care at some of our correctional and immigrant processing centers. From doctors to nurses to health services administrators, we need people like you who truly want to help others. Unlike other medical environments, here you don’t have to worry about insurance companies, red tape, and all the other hassles typically found in healthcare. Come be a part of this hidden opportunity with great possibilities for career growth.